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The Story

Intriguing. Intoxicating. Irresistible.

…I am Karen Huger.


Karen’s new scent, La’Dame Fragrance by Karen Huger, was welcomed by ADF & PCD New York in 2018 and lauded by the personal care and cosmetic professionals attending the show, seeking the latest beauty innovations from around the globe.

When beginning her journey in the creation of La’Dame Fragrance, Karen chose to partner with VASAR – one of the ADF & PCD‘s leading suppliers. The strategic and fruitful partnership has led to the creation of a luxury fragrance that evokes emotion and molds memories.

As a true Lifestyle Enthusiast, Karen lives by the values taught by her parents from a young age: “If you live with purpose and work with dedication, all things are possible.”

La’Dame’s mission is to make affordable, luxury lifestyle products for all to enjoy.